Crop Room Guidelines

We very much enjoy being able to offer such a fantastic work space for all our customers and we hope that you enjoy the advantages we offer you. Please help us be able to continue offering these services by cooperating with the guidelines mentioned below. Thank you for helping us maintain a stress free and fun, place to be!
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When there is a scheduled class or crop only registered participants are allowed to be in the workshop area. Please refrain from entering the area until the class is completely over. It is distracting to both the teacher and the paid students to have other people in the workshop area during classes. This means you cannot crop, layout photos or set up your gear during class time. Please wait until after the class has been dismissed to enter the workshop area.

Non BPC Cropper Members coming to crop during open table time will pay $2.00 an hour for Table Time.

Any person occupying a seat at a crop or class must pay for that crop or class. There is no such thing as a “guest” at a crop or class who does not have to pay. If one exception is made, others would expect them and then there would be mass confusion and we would have too many people in the crop area making it uncomfortable for everyone else that is paying to be there.

On Friday nights open crop time will end at 6:00 PM so that the staff has time to prepare the workshop for the Midnighter Crop.